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Pijp Creatie Programma

Uw pijpen gemaakt naar Uw specificaties met de hulp van onze unieke app

Pipe Creation Program

Your pipes made to your specifications with the help of our unique app

Tuyau Creation Programme

Vos tuyaux fabriqués selon vos spécifications à l'aide de notre app unique


The essence

After a four-year development process, we are almost able to make custom wooden pipes with unprecedented precision with a delivery time of weeks instead of months. Express orders (faster than a week) are also possible (may entail an extra charge).

How does it work?

Via the "Pipe creation program" (still in Beta) which you can request using the form below, you can enter the sizes of the desired pipe or row of pipes in a user-friendly manner. You can start from scratch and build any standard wooden pipe by choosing a type (such as stopped, violin, open flute, ...) and adapt them to your taste and preferences at any time later in the process.


The program has the following important functionalities:

  • Starting from zero, the dimensions of multiple pipe ranks can be entered in a smooth and intuitive way.
  • The rapid logical extension of a row of pipes with larger and smaller pipes.
  • A rotatable 3D view of the end result that adjusts immediately when changing the dimensions of any pipe or pipes.
  • Easy positioning of the pipes, pipe ranks or even groups of pipes from the same rank on a panel.

  • Export to a file that contains all the information necessary to place your order or to ask us for a price.


Large pipes such as large cello and large bass pipes cannot be produced in this way. Currently, the dimensions of this production process are limited to approximately 1200mm length and 65mm thickness. Loose pipes are also not eligible, but the row does not have to be chromatic.

What does the program cost?

The basic version is free.

We are considering a paid version with additional features including:

export all data and dimensions to a spreadsheet

  • export to a dxf format of parts (freins, tuning slides, etc.) so that you can have them lasered, for example
  • export to a dxf format of the pipe panels, for example to have them made with a CNC or laser
  • export to a dxf format of all pipe views, for example to be able to insert them in a technical drawing.

Program requests

Interested in an early BETA trial version? Enter your name and e-mail address below and click Send '. A download link will then be sent to you as soon as a stable trial version is available.

Some images from the 'Pipe Creation Program'

Dimensions matrix
Dimensions matrix
Entering all dimensions and angles / degrees in a grid. This can be done manually for each individual pipe, or the program can calculate this using the dimensions of the largest and smallest pipe.
You can view the end result in a rotatable 3D view.
Positioning pipes on a panel
Positioning pipes on a panel
With a few mouse clicks you can divide the pipes into groups and then position them freely on the panel. This is possible for each pipe individually, or using the built-in automation.